The To My Daughter Mission

We, at To My Daughter, believe that every child in the world deserves the opportunity to make their dreams come true.


Through sponsorship, To My Daughter pays for their education and creates programs that support their journey to full-time paid employment or to continue with Tertiary Studies.



We first started with sponsoring 4 girls, our mission has since flourished into 250+ children reached in rural areas of Indonesia!



To My Daughter sponsored girls are taught regularly by our special teachers, with an innovative education syllabus. We’ve specifically created key elements to help these girls develop confidence and knowledge about the opportunities before them in their future careers.



Thank you for supporting us at To My Daughter. While you share your love for your own daughters and granddaughters with our beautiful jewelry, you are also making a real impact on these disadvantaged children.

Our mission would never be possible without you!

Let’s make the world a better place together, one smile at a time.